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Saturday, May 5

I'm a Redneck - what can Hyundai offer me?

Hyundai 'Considering' RWR Car-based Korean El Camino.

I'm an actual redneck. I like me some grillin and some beer drinkin. I enjoy watching TV in my underpants and baseball cap. It's not fitted. I got it for free.

Until now, if I was looking for a car/truck combination to do me some haulin - in the $8 thousand dollar range - I only had one choice. All my kinfolk and items I find on the curbside had to fit into an 1988 Chevy El Camino. If I the my goverment check had just arrived and the OTB was closed, maybe I'd treat myself to a GMC.

Ko Rean cars were out of the question. Plus I saw the way those po-lice beat that Rodney King fella in front of his stolen Excel.

Now, Hyundai is ready to give me yet another option. They've been doing some hootin and a holarin about their new, rear-wheel-drive Korean Kamino Koncept. Their new rear-wheel-drive platform will mean all kinds of Caprice-like gems with one of them ten year, 100,000 mile warranties. Your youngins and their mamas have never had it so good.

It probably won't happen anytime soon - but we'll be here - getting drunk and smoking crystal meth until those Korean fellas get their shit together. (link to story)