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Tuesday, June 9

I really don't have anything against Germans - Alex's Car Scheisse now ready!

Alexs Car Scheisser - form Munich to Berlin in a MercedesB Class
It's easy to just think I don't much care for Germany, if you watch my latest video efforts on Alex's Carmageddon. Alex's Car Scheisse (as it Sheisse porn - there's not an 'R' in it). In this one, I'm driving from Munich to Berlin, averaging 90MPH - in a very slow, Mercedes B Class.

It's not that I dislike Germany or Germans - the sausage in Munich and the Kebabs in Berlin would blow your very mind. That said, driving on the Autobahn ain't no 101 Freeway. I'd rather leave it up to the video series to tell you more. Do check it out at

Alex's Carmageddon and this latest episode is also available on iTunes

Monday, June 1

GM: Not even the Volt can Save them. Chrysler - Last chance for Hornet

GM is finally dead. For my thoughts about its demise, see the first-ever post on this blog. GM: Designing Disaster. Even the upcoming Volt, the car that may save the world, can't save GM from maple-sirrup-sipping puck slappers.

But maybe there's still some hope for Chrysler. I've mentioned it before, but the Dodge Hornet was always a good idea. It's the only small, American car anyone might possible begin to consider thinking about owning.

C'mon, Chrysler. GM didn't listen and now look.