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Thursday, December 21

eBay find of the day: Yea Boi! The Best Chevy ever-made gets Better!

We're big fans of the 80s Chevrolet Caprice - the Brick. The Caprice was big and it was fast. There was really nothing else to it. And if you're going to have a cheap car, have yourself a big one.

If you got the police package, you had yourself a Camero that cooled better and sat five. Plus spotlights!

Still, this eBayer found a way to improve on a perfect car. Not just by adding 26' Cabo rims but also making a custom suspension for them, monster truck-style.

The obligatory Lambo doors and lots of subwoofers are here too and this phat ass whip was also featured in East Coast Ryders: Volume 3 which we all know was the Godfather 2 of the ECR franchise.

The seller now 'needs money for a situation that's come up' and Buy It Now is only 15 grand!

This will be the Dusenberg of our time.