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Tuesday, December 16

L.A. MPG: OutSmarted - the final word on the Smart ForTwo from Los Angeles

It's been a finger bloodening, eye-bulging time. But, the latest and last episode of L.A. MPG: OutSmarted - part of my Alex's Carmageddon video production circlejerk - is finally here. After driving the Smart ForTwo around Los Angeles for a while, seventy-dollar-rental day, I come to a conclusion, driving it back to the rental place in Santa Monica (from the San Fernando Valley - 818 y'all! - where we started.)

What's my conclusioon about driving a Smart ForTwo around L.A.? Pretty sure you know how to find out! Plus, check out the monkey that drinks its own pee! Classic!

Watch out for Alex's Car Scheisser, coming soon and check out ALL the episodes of L.A. MPG on the YouTube channel or iTunes (below)