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Wednesday, October 3

Buck Pimps out an Enclave for the 'Urban CEO'. Sounds suspicious.

Buick Enclave Urban CEO Edition

If you really run a tech company, rap record label, hell, even an insurance company - you're not driving a Buick. But what if you want to spend 10 thousand dollars less tcustom pimped orange Hummer H2han the price of an 93 Buick RivieraHummer H2 - about 45 grand? Well, Buick has a suggestion they're debuting at the SEMA show. Autoblog has the details, but here's what we know. It's an Enclave, which is actually the least-sad Buick since the 93 Riviera - lowered, on big wheels and with a glued-on ground treatment that makes it look like a C student's Porsche Cayenne! And that's not bad! The 45 grand is the price of an Enclave, plus, let's say airbags, bumpers, sideskirts and rims. Let's say 50K - but you can build your very own 'Urban CEO Enclave' (it was better than calling it The Street Pharmacist Special.

Monday, October 1

Video: Oh My God, Your Car - The Hottest Ferrari Ever!

Have you ever been like, 'screw you, people with nicer cars than mine. Maybe you worked harder in school, but I bet you just have rich parents'. We at Basic Transportation have. And that's why this video of a beautiful and exotic Ferrari 612 flaming like a charcoal barbecue makes our heart smile. And why is an expensive feat of engineering excellence catching fire anyway?

Think about that...

Good news! There's one 612 (just one!) on eBay for $200,000