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Wednesday, July 9

Jaguar XK - Really cool or not-quite-for-dudes cool?

Jaguar XK coupe

The Jaguar XK is fast, comfortable, really Jaguary, compared to the Buick-like XF, for example. So why is it still not-quite-right? Is there just something less James Bond and more the-guy-who-cuts-his-hair about it? When you pull up next to one at the light, do you half-expect to see a woman behind the wheel? Or perhaps and older man and his...personal trainer riding shot gun?

The newer body style is 'gorgeous' in a museum-sculpture way, definately not a porn star way. Next to a TVR Sagaris or even an Alfa Romeo Brera, the Jag just lacks a certain masculinity.(my college paper)

But, maybe we're just trippin' - so you decide: