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Thursday, April 16

New Prius? The Tuk Tuk craps on you!

Tuk Tuk in America
So you're already checking out the new Prius, huh? Oooh, it's so efficient, aaah, it doesn't have any personality to get in the way of the fuel savings! You're so wrong! What you should be looking at is the newly EPA-approved Tuk Tuk! Straight outta Thailand, the three-wheeler gets a ladyboy-groping 55 miles to the gallon! Stick that in your glory hole, Toyota!

With fuel-saving modifications like no doors, no airbags and the capability to haul sex tourists at a scorching 55 miles per hour - the Tuk Tuk is the future! As the Tuk Tuk USA website clearly proves - broken links, animated bugs bunny, side by side pickup truck comparisoTuk Tuk KFC Chicken Mobilen and all. But hey, at ten grand, that kicks the crap out of the Prius' 30,000 pricetag!