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Saturday, November 29

The Best Car Blog (this one) is now the best iTunes Car Podcast (or Vodcast if you prefer)

Apparently, everyone and their mother has been obsessively watching Alex's CARmageddon and my first mini car movie Top Gear thing - L.A. MPG OutSmarted. YouTube has clearly had a hard time handling all these billions of foaming audiences. That must be why they say only like three people have watched the 2 videos I've posted so far. But, not to worry, if YouTube's not your cup of car awesome, you can now see this latest episode, featuring street interviews about the Smart ForTwo in Los Angeles - on iTunes! Eat that other car blog guys! Alex's Carmageddon is now an iTune that you can get by clicking on that button there - it launches iTunes and you can subscribe to get the latest videos in high quality on your iPod or iPhone or iPod Touch or whatever else you got for Hanakuh. And, obviously, it's totally free (some people I know though podcasts cost money - those people are dumbasses)

Or, I guess, if you're boring, you can still watch it here as a uTube. You can also subscribe with your Creative Zen MP3 player (i'd make fun, but I used to have one) OR pretty much any other way you want. Check out for all your options. 

Wednesday, November 19

Video: L.A. MPG-OutSmarted Part I - Driving the Smart ForTwo in Los Angeles

The Smart ForTwo has been around in Europe for like a decade. But, just like the last season of Friends to the French, the ForTwo is totally brand new to Americans. Los Angeles is a city known for big, bling, pimped trucks; supercars; hypercars; two-tone Cadillacs on hundred-spoke wheels, custom Hummers on thirties and phat rides on dubs. 

The Smart doesn't really work with any of this. It's dishwasher-like dimensions get lots in L.A. traffic and people do look at you like you're helmet-wearing Special.

Check out my latest Alex's Carmageddon video podcast (vodcast) / YouTubentary / iTune as I drive the Smart ForTwo through the streets of Los Angeles and tell you what it's like. Plus more on this summer's fuel proce crisis and even the environment!

The next episode includes even more interviews, followed by a conclusion clip. Then we're done with L.A. MPG and moving onto Alex's Car Scheisser - my journey from Munich to Berlin on the fast road in the what must be the slowest car in the world - the Mercedes A-Class.

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